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Wealth and Investment

We work with accounting firms, financial planners, banks, and other registered investment advisors (RIAs) who want to out-source all or part of their portfolio-management and investment-management services. Through our Affiliate Partner program we supply RIAs with all the tools necessary to excel in these businesses.

Products and services in the Affiliate Partner program include:

  1. Our portfolio accounting and analytical software that allows you to see a detailed view of all accounts (regardless of location), generate presentation quality reports, keep abreast of current research, and more.
  2. Access to our web-site, which has daily portfolio values and performance information.
  3. Our Preferred List of what we consider to be the industry’s separate accounts and mutual funds. You’ll also have access to our research on these investments.
  4. Model portfolios to fit a variety of individual client profiles.
  5. Quarterly commentaries on a variety of equity and bond asset classes.
  6. Comprehensive front-end solution, including proposal generator.